(Clone) An Intersectional Approach to Supporting Career Development 

  • Duration: 6 Weeks, 30 Hours 
  • Modules: 6
  • Webinars: 6
  • Assignments: 6
  • Knowledge Checks: 6
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Meet the instructor

Carissa Gravelle

Carissa Gravelle (she/her) is a registered social service worker in the area of community development. Carissa describes herself as a social justice and change advocate. She is passionate about anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, young people, under-represented populations, mental health and wellness. She has worked in the non-profit sector for well over a decade spearheading EDIA initiatives, training and programs. 

Carissa’s educational background is in social work. She completed her Diploma from Sheridan College and holds a Bachelors in Equity, Diversity and Human Rights from Laurentian University, with a minor in Indigenous health and wellness. She champions initiatives advancing health equity for marginalized populations and believes in the importance of educating through story-telling and intentional meaningful dialogue to change perceptions and inspire social change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is the right training opportunity for me?

Are you a career development professional looking to improve your services for Indigenous and racialized clients who experience disability? If so, this program offers: 
  • An enhanced understanding of the impact of intersectionality and unconscious bias in the workplace. 
  • A deeper awareness of job seekers’ experiences and perspectives around race and disability.  
  • Critical knowledge on relevant terminology and concepts such as white fragility, anti-racism, anti-ableism, and allyship and advocacy.  
  • Practical recommendations to foster your commitment and connect with different stakeholders to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.  
  • Research-based strategies that align with an intersectional and trauma-informed lens to maximize the impact and inclusivity of your practice.  
If you’re unsure, we invite you to book a discussion with our Enrollment Coordinator to explore best fit.  Schedule a time that works for you by emailing learn@supportedemployment.ca

How many weeks does it take to complete this certificate program?

This is a 6-week program and will require a total of 30 hours to complete.

How many hours should I dedicate to this program each week?

We recommend allocating at least 5 hours per week. 1 hour will be allocated to the weekly live webinar. The remaining weekly requirements can be completed on your own time.  

What are the weekly commitments?

To successfully complete this program, learners are required to complete the following by Sunday evening every week:  
  • Participate in the discussion forum by posting 1 original post and responding to 2 others.  
  • Review the modular content and resources.  
  • Attend the weekly live webinar.  
  • Submit the learning activity (requires 80% grade to pass).  
  • Complete the knowledge check (requires 80% grade to pass).   

Can I complete the program requirements on my own time?

While this program is primarily asynchronous, learners are required to attend the weekly live webinars and submit all weekly commitments by Sunday evening every week.

Where will the online training take place?

Online training will take place via CASE’s learning portal, called "Learn Worlds". Your login credentials will be emailed to you before the program is scheduled to begin.

When do the weekly live webinars take place?

Tuesdays, 12:00 PM- 1:15 PM EST. 

Where will I be able to access the meeting link for the weekly webinars?

You can access the meeting details within the learning portal itself. Additionally, your instructor will regularly send you the meeting details in their weekly communications.

What happens if I cannot attend one of the weekly webinars or submit my weekly commitments on time?

Your instructor will provide you with a detailed training calendar prior to the training start date. Learners are encouraged to schedule time in advance to complete program requirements to prevent conflicts.  

However, we recognize that due to an unforeseen circumstance you may miss one of the webinars or require an extension to complete your weekly commitments. In this scenario, please reach out directly to your instructor as soon as possible to develop a learning plan, which will help you stay on track.

I require an accommodation. Who should I connect with?

We invite you to review our Accessibility Statement and to connect with the Director of Learning and Development if you require an accommodation for any of our training offerings: belinda@supportedemployment.ca.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

In order to provide you with the best possible learning experience, we keep class sizes small. Due to this limited seating, we request that if you must cancel, you do so at least 14 days before the scheduled start of the class to receive a full refund. If you must cancel with less than 14 days notice, we will do our best to fill your spot with another interested participant.

If we are successful, we will reimburse you for your full registration fees. If we are not able to fill your spot, we will refund you 50% of your fees. We are not able to offer refunds for cancellations made after the course has begun.