Nature of Innovation 

  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Modules: 3
  • CVRP CEU: 1 
  • Domain 1:

    Vocational Rehabilitation Theory and Practice 

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A laptop screen showing a lightbulb with new leaves growing inside. The bulb is surrounded by dried, wilted leaves. The image represents how innovation can occur anywhere and bring growth. 

Innovation is a new or altered approach to an idea, product, or operation that creates real-world social value. This course examines the importance of innovation in advancing inclusion for persons who experience disability within the Canadian workforce. 

This course explores

The types of innovation 

The role of the Theory of Change in innovative practice 

The foundational aspects of developing a strong proposal for an innovative product, service, or system. 

Please note that Module 3 of this course is designed for individuals applying for funding through the Innovation Lab.