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Digital Literacy Opens Doors

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This branch houses:

Digital Literacy Instructor Certificate Program 
Digital Literacy Job Seeker Certificate Program 
  • CASE offers two Digital Literacy certificate programs, one for instructors and one for job seekers. Both programs are designed to ensure that job seekers have a practical understanding of digital tools for improving both their personal lifestyle and employment prospects.   
  • Upon completion, both the instructors and job seekers will receive micro-credentials. These credentials verify your participation in your respective programs and outline the skills and knowledge addressed. 
  • If this is your first time visiting this branch, take a moment to scroll down to learn more about helpful features and our commitment to accessibility before logging in.  
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Our Commitment   

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Our platform, programs, and courses are designed with accessibility in mind. Please click on the accessibility widget located in the lower-left corner of the screen or read our accessibility statement to learn more.   


Our navigation allows learners to easily move through the learning material, access resources, and communicate with instructors and tech support.   


Our certificate programs offer exercises that can be directly applied to your daily work. Our courses offer actionable strategies and tips.  


Our team enjoys hosting a social and collaborative learning environment. We offer a variety of learning opportunities and provide timely feedback, support, and technical assistance.   

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What our learners have to say… 

"I can’t even begin to explain the numerous new perspectives I gained while taking the SEE program. The instructors helped guide us through each new concept and technique to ensure we consistently provide quality services within our respective organizations."
Stephanie Gould
Nova Scotia Works – Cumberland African Nova Scotian Association
"This course helped me refine what Supported Employment looks like. It allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and get familiar with new ways of approaching employers, supporting clients, and working with my organization to be better in the future.”
Leslie Yorke
Employment Maintenance Worker / Job Coach
YMCA of Cape Breton
"Completing this course has definitely reenergized me and although I have always loved this kind of work, it has me excited to try some new approaches and resources. I feel I have a larger toolbox of resources than before.”
Robin Benedict
Employment Maintenance Worker / Job Coach
PeopleWorx Society